Reconciled WorldIn one village a gang leader was saved after the church helped his wife to harvest her crops. He brought another thirty-seven people to Christ. A mother with a disabled son went from being suicidal to opening her own center to help others. A student from an extremely poor background with little education became the ambassador’s secretary. A group of nurses looking at thought-provoking art started to question their willingness to be part of sex-selective abortions. You can read each of these stories here.

The real question is why? What is causing all these lives to change? The answer, quite simply, is God. We believe lives are transformed through God’s power.

One tool that God uses is truth—biblical truth. As people understand and apply God’s truth to every area of their lives, change happens.

Our mission is to apply biblical truth to brokenness in all areas of life.

This website is designed to unpack how we do that and to inspire you to apply these ideas yourself. Most of all, we want to celebrate what God is doing. We’ve been challenged and changed on this journey, and we’d love to share it with you.

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