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The lie that women are less valuable than men is destroying lives around the world. It’s a massive problem. According to the UN, in India alone there are 62 million women missing. It’s a staggering number—the entire population of the UK, or Texas and California combined. Gone. They have lost their lives through sex-selective abortions, infanticide, or neglect. It’s gendercide: the wiping out of a people group because of their gender.


The root of the problem is relatively simple: women are seen as less important. The widely-practiced dowry system means that daughters are considered a burden to their families. The result is that India is the fourth most dangerous place to be a woman. The most dangerous place on earth to be a girl.

The government of India is doing what it can. They’ve outlawed the dowry system. They’ve enacted laws that make it illegal for doctors to tell women the gender of their child during ultrasounds. But it’s not enough. The cultural lie remains. Laws don’t change people’s thinking. The latest census figures from India show the problem is getting worse, not better. What’s needed is a movement of people bringing truth.

Our goal is to call and equip God’s people in India to be at the frontlines of that movement. To date, more than 900 university students have signed pledges and joined the movement (along with nearly 200 others). Churches are beginning to open up to studying and praying about this issue.

God is raising up new voices: documentary filmmakers, doctors, humanitarians, homemakers… News stories have begun to raise public awareness. As more and more speak out, our vision is of a transformed India where every girl is valued.  More →




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