RW Connect is your opportunity as an individual, a small group, or a church to connect with godly leaders working with the Truth Centered Transformation program around the world. And to hear more of the life-changing stories of what God is doing.

Our hope is that you will be inspired by what God is doing and encouraged to see what it would look like to do the same in your community. You will receive semi-annual reports with stories, updates, and prayer requests. Churches partnering with four or more trainers are also invited to send teams once per year to help with training and get to know our program staff.

Through RW Connect, you can partner with a TCT trainer either through full support ($150/month) or partial support ($20/month). You will receive semi-annual reports about your trainer and their region, with a personal update, stories of what God is doing, and prayer requests.

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What is Truth Centered Transformation?

tct-smallTruth Centered Transformation

Truth Centered Transformation (TCT) is a program that equips churches to reach out to their community and bring transformation. We’ve seen over 500 communities move out of poverty. Learn More →

To give you an idea of program costs:

  • $20 per month sponsors one church to go through the TCT program. Typically after five to six years they are able to see their entire community start to move out of poverty.
  • $150 per month covers all the daily wages, travel, materials, training and supervision for one church trainer.

TCT Trainers

RW Connect Trainers HeaderAs part of the TCT program it is possible to partner with a specific trainer. To do so you, your small group or church, need to commit to $150 USD per month or $1800 per year. Unfortunately, due to language and technology gaps, (not all our trainers have access to internet) it’s not possible to connect directly with them but the program coordinator will pass on any messages that you have.

Here are profiles of two of our trainers in limited-access countries, just to give you a sense of what you might expect when you meet your own partner (sorry, we couldn’t include their photos, countries, or real names on the internet for security reasons, but once you make your pledge, you’ll receive a trainer profile with those details):

Pastor Ming

Pastor Ming has been in ministry since 2000. He oversees 7 churches, and is a member of the provincial representative board in charge of evangelism. He has partnered with others to bring many people to Christ and to plant multiple churches. In 2012 Pastor Ming became a trainer for the TCT program, and he is seeing remarkable results. One of the churches Pastor Ming trains has been transformed so clearly that non-believers from another tribe who used to look down on Christians now confess that they have a lot to learn from the church.

Pastor Ming and his wife have 7 children, and he reports that “they all love the Lord.” One of his sons is studying in Bible school and also learning English so that he can translate Bible materials into their tribal language.

Pastor Wei

Pastor Wei is serving God as a pastor of a local church and a Trainer for TCT in the most persecuted area in the country. Wei followed Christ from a young age. When he was in the 9th grade, he was chosen by the government to pursue studies to become a physician. But the favor came with a price–he would have to renounce his faith in God. He turned down the offer and, as a result, he was expelled from school. Later, God opened up an opportunity for him to receive training in scripture, and then called Wei to plant churches in his region.

At that time many pastors fled the area to avoid persecution. But Pastor Wei stayed in his area and went through heavy persecution. By the grace of God, the church stood firm and continued to grow. Wei is now the vice-chairman of the representative board in his province and is providing leadership and guidance to more than 15 churches as well as training 12 churches with TCT. Pastor Wei has 3 young children.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started? It’s super simple. Click on the “Start your Pledge” button above. Then:

  1. Start giving via a regular pledge.
  2. If you have already received a trainer card, enter their name in the “Trainer Name” box.
  3. Wait for semi-annual reports.

How much do I need to give? You may choose to participate in RW Connect with any recurring gift amount. If you choose not to sponsor a trainer fully, you will receive a trainer profile of an individual who is being supported by multiple people. You will still receive semi-annual reports from your trainer and their region. While we welcome any donation, we greatly appreciate pledges of $20 or more per month, because we incur costs on each transaction. Please visit the “program details” tab for specific program costs.

$150 per month ($1800 per year) is the giving level to fully support a trainer, which covers wages for days he/she trains, travel, materials, training and supervision. Each trainer works with up to 10 churches.

$20 per month ($240 per year) sponsors one church through the program, providing two trainings per year plus follow-up encouragement visits. The program is six years total.

Can I have a tax deductible receipt? Yes. Reconciled World is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, so all gifts are tax-deductible.

How do I connect with the program? Once you set-up your reoccurring donation, we will make sure that you have received a trainer profile. After that you just need to wait to start receiving your semi-annual reports.