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Anniversary Program Update

This year, God has been teaching and reminding the Reconciled World team to depend on Him no matter our circumstances. Over and over again, we’ve heard our program directors say that they are being reminded to depend on God and that He is faithful.

Take Create Commission, for instance. It has been a season of dynamic change for the team. Anthony and his family arrived in 2015, and have been doing the hard work of transitioning to a new culture and city. At the same time, Anthony has stepped in to teach workshops and develop curriculum. The founder and director of Create Commission began a leave of absence to pursue an MFA in visual art. Another member of the team has stepped up to provide leadership over the next two years. He says, “Stepping into this role is good and stretching at the same time. [I’m learning about] depending on God and abiding in Him. He is all we need–be it wisdom, direction, clarity, provision…everything.”

At the Wholistic Development Center , God is showing his dependability in a different way. Here’s a slice of life from our director.

“Sometimes the calling to invest deeply in a few young people looks different than our expectation. This summer, God called us to care for a girl named Lily* as she fought for life against a severe infection in her eye and brain. Through it all, God has shown that his hand is on Lily’s life. One critical night, our car broke down as we were trying to get Lily to the hospital. We were really afraid she might die in the car. Yet we were helpless to do anything for her beyond pray. Then an ambulance showed up out of the blue, and, when we had explained the situation, rushed Lily to the hospital. It was a powerful reminder that God intervenes for His children.”

Meanwhile, our team at Ending Gendercide found God dependable in the midst of government red tape. This year we put on a public event–kind of a street festival to bring awareness to the issues of gender justice. The leader of our University Outreach shared the experience of organizing that event with us:

“There were many requirements related to permissions from various government authorities in organizing an event in a public place. We continued to pray and take the needed steps in faith. We were pressed with severe limitations during that time, short-staffed and faced with seemingly impossible requirements and deadlines. At one point, we were literally running through the city to file some forms! The Lord granted us the required permissions at the last possible moment…and taught us to depend upon Him and not on our own capability or resources.”

These are just a few snapshots of what “ministry” looks like in the trenches here at RW. Thanks for being part of our journey this year! We invite you to check out our Annual Update  to read stories and program updates of what God is doing throughout Reconciled World.

*Names are changed for security reasons.

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