Art That Heals: At Risk Girls

According to the UN, India is the most dangerous country in the world to be born a girl. 90 percent of children that are abandoned in India are little girls. Thousands of girls, whether abandoned or not, are living at risk of daily physical and emotional abuse.

Thankfully, there are shelters and homes popping up all over India to care for these girls and get them out of these difficult situations. Our staff at the Create Commission make regular visits to one of these homes to work with these girls. Their aim is not just to teach these girls art skills, but to also to bring truth and point to deeper spiritual realities.

During one session with the girls the Create Commission team focused on the topic of love. The session began with the girls thinking about the dark moments in their lives and then drawing them on pieces of paper. Next, the girls colored two halves of a heart-shaped paper and stitched the halves together to form a small pocket. The girls then took the drawing of their dark moment and hid it inside the heart. The Create Commission team explained how this exercise represented the healing that the girls were experiencing. Each of the children came from a difficult situation, but because of love they are healing, and their lives are getting better.

The girls then took turns to talk about their art and share their stories, showing the other girls what they had made and opening up about their experiences. Some of the girls were brought to tears as they thought back on their lives. One young girl, 10 year old Rachel, had been forced by her parents to beg at a traffic light for money. Sometimes while she was on the street she would be abused. Eventually her parents died, and she lived with her uncle before he brought her to the girls home. Rachel started crying as she thought about the past, and the other girls quickly gathered around her to comfort her. She disappeared into their hugs, much as her dark experience had disappeared into the heart of love she had made.

The Create Commission understands that art allows people to share emotions and trauma in a new way, allowing healing and support to happen. By bringing artistic opportunities to these young girls, they are helping the healing process and assisting them to see the hope in their future.

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