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Wow, phew, it’s been quite the month so far. The USA is still reeling from elections and New Zealand (my home country) was rocked by earthquakes. India, where I have a number of friends and we have lots of partners, fell into confusion when the government suddenly banned 80 percent of the paper money in circulation. For me personally, someone I knew passed on to heaven, and I had to jump into meetings when I really needed time to get my head around everything. All in all, the second week of November felt completely overwhelming. When we are feeling exhausted, anxious, or off-balance, it’s important to focus on What is True. Here are a few grounding truths that I have learned in 20 years of [...]

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Finding a Way to Get Stuck

This blog was originally posted on January 8, 2015. Every year I seem to make the same new years resolution. It always has something to do with drawing closer to God. Basically doing better at John 15:4, “remaining” in him. This year is no different. John 15:4: “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” What does it mean to remain in God? […]

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Depending on God: From Principle to Practice

“Our fears, anger, and anxiety reveal the gods we trust, serve, and worship in place of the true God.” – Alfred Poirier, The Peacemaking Pastor One of Reconciled World’s core principles is “Depending on God.” In truth, this principle is core to all Christians everywhere. (Hey, we never claimed to be cutting edge.) The fact is, all of us depend on God whether we want to or not. “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28) We literally wouldn’t be breathing without God holding us together. But…let’s be honest, breathing *feels* like something I can handle on my own. I often forget my state of total dependence. […]

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Why Depending on God is Hard for Me

In the United States it seems everything is at our fingertips. I remember when our family returned about 3 years ago from living in Bolivia. One of the first things we remember (even as we walked through the airport) was the amount of people with smartphones. Blackberries were the in-thing when we left and now everyone had a smart phone. We didn’t even know exactly what it did outside of connecting to the Internet. As an early 30’s adult it was weird walking into the Verizon store a month later and admitting to the attendant that we had no idea how they worked and if we even wanted one. Now, Americans are essentially addicted to smartphones. According to a recent pew research study nearly half [...]

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Out of Debt

Each training within the TCT program focuses on one main theme. In year three, one of the topics is money management. One of the key topics throughout this training is encouraging people to get out of debt. Almost everyone from the villages at this training has large amounts of debt and the interest they pay on this debt plays a significant role in keeping them in poverty. At the end of the money management training we challenge the students to make a commitment to try to get out of debt. In one region a number of churches had completed this training and the students had committed to do all they could to get out of debt. They made plans with the goal of being debt [...]

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Depending On God

For the last twenty years, one of my constant prayers has been, “Father, make me aware of my desperate dependence on you.” It’s a crazy prayer in some ways. I think that prayer is partly responsible for the fact that my life often feels a little out of control—which, for a girl that likes control, is uncomfortable. My work has constantly been marked by stunning growth—again uncomfortable for a girl who likes to be in control. “Small and manageable” is my motto—one that doesn’t work well when you are praying, “God, make me aware of my desperate dependence on you.” […]

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