Prayer: Poverty

Poverty is complex. How we address poverty is tricky. To wildly over-simplify things, we can think of poverty in two categories: generational poverty—poverty that you see around much of the majority world; poverty that you are born into and never seem to get out of, and situational poverty—poverty that comes from an outside event, like a natural disaster or a health crisis. The causes of each are different and so, naturally, the solutions are different. For now we will just look at the first—generational poverty. Imagine a poor rural village in the majority world. What do you think are the best ways to help them? For years I would have said give resources and train them in the basic life skills that they are missing. [...]

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Jehovah Shammah – The Lord is there

Have you ever come across a person whose name seems to fit them perfectly? Take for example the Olympic gold medalist and fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. Isn’t “Bolt” the perfect name for him? Live long and you will notice that the examples are bountiful. Race car driver Scott Speed Singer Bill Medley TV gardener Bob Flowerdew Meteorologist Sarah Blizzard Their names just seem to fit their characteristics perfectly! Your name is a marker. Sometimes it ironically reflects your talent or job like those mentioned above while other times it simply marks your identity to a family—who you are and whose you are. Either way your name is significant and you will carry it with you for your lifetime. […]

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Happy 2017!

Happy New Year from Reconciled World! In October, we announced that Reconciled World’s theme, which we believe we heard from the Lord, is Be still, and know that I (the Lord) am God. Now, here it is January 2017—a shiny New Year—and time for a reality check. The truth is, I’m a doer. I get an insane amount of things done. I took a personality test one time that labeled me a “Driving Driver.” Proverbs 31? On it. Psalm 46:10? I have a long list of super plausible excuses reasons for why that verse was not written to me. I’d write it out for you, but I have too many other things to do. […]

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Reflections on Christmas and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and The Light of the World With Advent candle lit, I sink comfortably into the corner of my sofa. A sip of coffee warms the room, soothing my nose with pumpkin spice. Wrapped in security, the blanket snuggles my chin, as I read the morning’s devotion. I am comfortable, safe and warm, and so are my children. My imagination conjures up a different setting, facing war and devastation. In Jordan, where I was just a month ago, I remember gazing across the skyline from the rooftop of a three-story church building. I could see the mountains of Syria on the horizon, a place of torment for millions and still home for many living in fear. HOPE: The First Week of [...]

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Prayer: Persecution

Christmas is approaching. It’s a season when Christians all over the world love to share about their faith. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s a time when persecution increases. I live in what is labelled a ‘closed’ or ‘creative access’ country. Basically that means the church here faces persecution, and while it’s definitely not as bad as it once was, it’s been a constant theme for me for the past 20 years. People are chased by the police, forced to hide or disguise themselves. People are beaten, their homes and fields are burnt, their families reject them, and they are thrown out of their villages. These are real, painful things. I know what it means to be scared, and I certainly don’t want to minimize [...]

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Feeling Tired and Worn Out?

This week’s blog is from “Flourish”, a new resource that Reconciled World launched over the summer. “Flourish” is a blog that aims to encourage, challenge, resource and support you in your work and personal life. We believe that thriving and fruitful leaders are the product of wholistically healthy lifestyles. We would love for you to read along with us or share this resource with others who may find it helpful. You can subscribe to Flourish, and read past blogs here. •••••••••• Feeling Tired and Worn Out? Identifying and avoiding burnout What is your greatest challenge in ministry? I am sure you could find many ways to answer this question, but one common answer is: exhaustion. […]

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“People Build Bridges…”

There’s a funny saying we pass around at our office: “People build bridges.” When we face an obstacle that seems too big, a challenge too overwhelming, “people build bridges” reminds us that people are capable of extraordinary things . . . But we always meant it as a metaphor. Then this summer, I met some folks who really do build bridges—and no, they’re not engineers, not construction crews, and they don’t have dump-trucks and cranes. Rather, they’re rural farmers, everyday people facing tremendous obstacles, from persecuted churches in impoverished villages. And their work has made a tremendous impact. […]

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Partnership through Prayer

We often think about the relationship between the Apostle Paul and the New Testament churches as a one-way street. Paul’s impact on the churches is obvious, as his letters instruct them about God’s truths. But we don’t think the other way round, about how the churches impacted Paul’s life and ministry. Recently, I had an opportunity to study Philippians. As I studied the core message and the context of this letter, I realized how much Paul’s success in ministry was dependent on the churches that he wrote to. I can see that these churches impacted his ministry greatly. That’s why, in all his letters, he commended them for such great support. In Philippians, he called that a partnership in the gospel. What does a true [...]

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The Church is the Ultimate Hope for Community Transformation

When we think about community transformation in developing countries, what comes to mind is often NGOs, CBOs, INGOs and government work. This belief is strongly rooted in the Christian community as well. In countries like Nepal, India and Bangladesh, where Christianity is considered a minority group, we don’t have much significant influence with our community. We are heavily influenced by the idea that spiritual ministry only reaches as far as the four corners of the church building. When we introduce TCT to church pastors and leaders, they often think we (RW) are bringing some kind of community transformation program. As they go through our training, they are surprised that we will not provide any money for doing community projects (what we call Acts of Love). [...]

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Mobilizing Local Resources

We teach churches and individuals to use what God has given them to serve others. It’s super easy to read that sentence and move on. Honestly, I’ve read it–I’ve written it–about a hundred times. Can we just take a moment with it, though? Reconciled World works with people so poor that they forage in the jungle for food several months a year. People whose children are dying from preventable causes. People who went to school until, maybe, third grade. We work with people with autism, who have always been treated like they have nothing to contribute. With people scraping by in the slums of New Delhi–AIDS patients, drug addicts, rag pickers… We teach them to use what God has given them to serve others. [...]

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