Giving Tuesday

It’s #GivingTuesday, the day when we all plead with you to send us any spare pennies that remain after the joys of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’re changing it up a bit this year, though. We aren’t asking for your pennies, but rather something that probably feels even more scarce to you—your time. But before you click off to read something else, let me at least say—we’re just looking for you to commit an hour a month for the next 12 months—that’s all. You can breathe easier now.

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mobilizing local resources

Mobilizing Local Resources

We teach churches and individuals to use what God has given them to serve others.

It’s super easy to read that sentence and move on. Honestly, I’ve read it–I’ve written it–about a hundred times. Can we just take a moment with it, though?

Reconciled World works with people so poor that they forage in the jungle for food several months a year. People whose children are dying from preventable causes. People who went to school until, maybe, third grade. We work with people with autism, who have always been treated like they have nothing to contribute. With people scraping by in the slums of New Delhi–AIDS patients, drug addicts, rag pickers…

We teach them to use what God has given them to serve others.

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Why are we here

Why Are We Here?

As Reconciled World grows, we want to keep our team connected with the community that supports us. So, each month we are inviting an individual from our community to share about what God is teaching them. We are excited to share these blogs with you, so please keep an eye out each month for “Voices Around the World”.


One afternoon awhile back, when I was alone with God and my journal for an hour, I was desperately seeking His voice. The previous two weeks had been incredibly hard emotionally with B, who seems to be struggling a lot these days. Lots of anger, meltdowns, wild emotions stuck in his heart. When you pack up the family and move across the world, you know it will be challenging, you just don’t know how. We expected moving away from family, friends, church community, good schools, nice parks, clean air and beef to be hard. But we didn’t expect all the intense emotions our kids would be experiencing for months in a new environment. We thought they’d feel safe and happy because they were with us and we love them deeply. The last few weeks there was so much anger bubbling up in B that we felt scared, clueless, heartbroken and angry ourselves. What did our training teach us about anger meltdowns in 4 year olds again? That afternoon I was asking God, “You see that it’s been hard for our family here – but does it make a difference to anyone at all that we are here? How are we making a difference, struggling like this? Couldn’t you be using us better back home?”

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