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The International Artist Residency is an annual event hosted by The Create Commission and its partners as an opportunity for local and international artists to come together for three weeks in India to live, learn, and create art together. Each year the artists engage with a different social issue under the guidance and support of a resident mentor and creatively respond to it using their own medium. As artists learn about the selected topic, they also get to share their own story and interact with each other’s culture, ideas, and beliefs.

Working creatively around a social issue in India is an eye-opening experience for both international and local artists. As they engage in hands-on research and group discussions, they learn about the way art can be used to speak into culture and shape it for the better.

The residency has an atmosphere of family, trust, relationship, collaboration, forgiveness, and service. It is a unique and incredible chance for artists to learn, grow and be challenged and enriched professionally, culturally and spiritually.

Program Details

Program Details

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The residency will be two to three weeks long. During the residency, artists are expected to be in the studio Monday through Saturday each week.

One of the most valuable elements of the residency is the critique and encouragement that the resident mentor and fellow artists offer to each individual’s body of work. Throughout the course of the residency, participants have a chance to challenge and build each other up professionally as they work alongside one another.

The residency culminates in a public group exhibition curated by The Create Commission team and its partners.

Typically the international participants are Christians and the locals are not. While the residency is not meant to be an evangelistic outreach, it provides an opportunity for believers to get to know and engage with artists from other faiths and backgrounds through their common creative language. Since in India art, faith and general life are highly integrated, it is easy to learn and interact with all areas of life through art. Participating in the residency with humility and whole-heartedness, Christians can display the Creator God’s love, artistry and care as well as learn about and engage with the local artists’ worldviews and beliefs.



020. Abhishek_21Nov15_Project001_02033_editInternational Artists participate in these residencies as ‘Artist Missionaries’. Therefore, you are asked to pay your own way. The cost of participating in the program is $1200 – which covers your food, accommodation, and some art supplies but does not cover the cost of airfare, medical expenses, or other incidentals. If needed, there may be opportunity for you to raise funds through the RW website. Please contact Tessa for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

unnamedWhat are some of the past residency themes? Human Dignity: The Many Faces of Abundance, I “Heart” Delhi, Reality and Hope: Envisioning Life After

How many artists participate in each residency? How many are local artists? How many are Christians? Usually there are 6 – 10 local artists and 6 international artists. At maximum we can accommodate 18 artists. Generally all the international artists are Christian.

Where are the residencies held? Residencies take place in an urban setting in India.

nonameDo I need to bring my own art supplies? Our team in India will provide some art supplies, but if you are particular about your medium or equipment it is suggested you bring your own. Please contact The Create Commission team directly for more details about materials.

How many hours will I be working? During the residency it is expected that you devote 100% of your time to the topic at hand and living in community with the other artists. Sundays are treated as an off day, and you are not expected to be in the studio.

Is there opportunity for outside travel? Any extra travel you hope to do in India should happen either before the residency starts or after it is completed.

If you have any other questions please email



All applications will be reviewed by a panel. The panel will pick artists who can demonstrate a sensitivity towards the topic chosen, sufficient technical ability, and a purpose that is suitably creative and convincing.

To apply and know more please contact