Our Giving Pledge

You are a person, not a number.

We want to be in relationship with you. So tell us how often you want to hear from us, what you are interested in, and how you want to participate in what God is doing through Reconciled World. You can also tell us if you want to stop hearing from us, and we will honor that. By the way, we will never sell your information to anyone, because friends don’t do that to friends.

We will never pressure you.

Giving is between you and the Holy Spirit. We do encourage you to give, whether to Reconciled World or to another ministry, because the Bible has so much to say about the importance of giving.

We value your prayers just as much as donations.

Effective ministry is not based on money. We depend on God and need Him to show up in power to bring transformation. If you would be willing to commit to pray for us fifteen minutes each week, please sign up for our prayer network by emailing our Prayer Coordinator, Jewel Anita Hendrix, at jewelanitah@reconciledworld.org.

We are committed to good stewardship.

We will use your donations as you intend and as efficiently as possible. We do everything we can to keep our administrative costs low. Our offices are rent-free and most of our leadership and administrative team raise their own support. Good stewardship also means that we will always remember to thank you, and we will do our best to keep you informed about the impact your gift has had.

We protect your financial information.

That means we take internet security seriously—we work with GivingFuel to ensure every transaction is secure and that your personal information is protected. We work with Cedarstone Partners to ensure that all of our finances are managed with the highest level of skill.