• 2:10 Program

    2:10 Program

    Churches in the US and New Zealand are gaining new strategies to respond to Christ’s call to care for the vulnerable. Read More

  • In His Image

    In His Image

    More than forty students with autism are learning that they have value to their Creator and are reaching their God-given potential. Read More

  • The Create Commission Program

    The Create Commission Program

    Art is a powerful medium of truth and healing, and a means of giving a voice to the oppressed. Read More

  • Ending Gendercide Program

    Ending Gendercide Program

    We bring biblical truth to the hidden evil of gendercide and gender injustice. Thousands of Indian Christians are taking a stand. Read More

  • The Great Exchange Microfinance

    The Great Exchange Microfinance

    Can Microfinance be a means of true and lasting transformation? We are piloting a biblical-truth approach that is leading the way. Read More

  • Rahham


    Our pilot program loves people living with AIDS, LGBT, and poverty into new life. With partner churches, we’ll reach many more. Read More

  • TCT Program

    TCT Program

    More than 400 communities have moved out of poverty as they were taught, mentored, encouraged and supported by a TCT church. Read More

  • Wholistic Development Center Program

    Wholistic Development Center Program

    Following Jesus’ model of deep investment in a few, we are discipling vulnerable young people to become godly leaders. Read More

  • The Art Ashram Studio

    The Art Ashram Studio

    The Art Ashram will be a place of spiritual reflection and the creation of art responding with truth to a broken world. Read More

  • Marginalized Art

    Marginalized Art

    Our team of artists gives marginalized people an opportunity to express themselves, to experience healing and to discover their God-given dignity. Read More

  • International Artist Residency

    International Artist Residency

    Artists live together and study a particular societal issue from a Kingdom perspective, to bring truth to the issue through art. Read More

  • The Create Commission Scholarship

    The Create Commission Scholarship

    Scholarships help raise up Christian artists who are grounded in biblical truth and called to speak prophetically to their nation. Read More

  • Student Programs Coordinator

    Student Programs Coordinator

    This vital position helps to coordinate many concerned university students into a strong, cohesive movement to end gendercide. Read More


Teaching Women the Value of Daughters

Women in India need to know that they and their daughters have value. Our video Bible study series for women’s small groups reveals God’s heart for women.
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Cost: $5,000

Raising Student Awareness Against Gendercide

University students are soon to face important choices. Will they take dowry? Will they abort a baby girl? A film about gendercide helps students make right decisions.
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Cost: $300

Valuing Women in Film

The power of story and the popularity of television can help families across India rethink the value of daughters. Our mini-series will address gender issues with biblical truth.
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Cost: $30,000

Developing Godly Leaders

Students at the Wholistic Discipleship Center come from poor, marginalized and, in some cases, previously unreached people groups. We are equipping these students to be godly leaders.
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Cost: $4,800

TCT Trainer Sponsorships

More than 200 communities have moved out of poverty through Truth-Centered Transformation as they were taught, mentored, encouraged and supported by a TCT trainer.
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Cost: $1,500

Sharing What We’ve Learned

TCT communities are emerging from poverty in an unprecedented way and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development programs. Other organizations want to know how, and we are sharing what God has taught us.
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Cost: $5,000

Student Programs Coordinator

Many students are ready to stand against gendercide. What’s needed is someone to help coordinate their efforts into a strong, cohesive movement.
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Cost: $350