The TCT Local program encourages and equips churches to love the poor and vulnerable around them.

The church today has an incredible heart to care for the less fortunate in our world and is faced with both overwhelming needs and countless opportunities.  Our goal in this program is to help churches steer their passion into highly-effective ministry among the vulnerable that is based in love and biblical truth.

The program is made up of biblical principles and practical skills shared through workshop-style trainings. Each training builds upon the vision to equip believers with biblical truth to effectively love the poor, while recognizing the common fears and obstacles that often stand in our way.

Each lesson is written to engage the participants through interactive study, discussion and reflection. The ideas are also presented in such a way that everyone at your church, from pastors and lay-leaders to casual attenders, can be challenged and inspired. We are happy to share a single lesson (approximately one hour), the full workshop (five to six hours of training), or something in between.  We are firmly committed to our message, but can be flexible to share that message in whatever way best fits with your church’s needs.

Finally, the program is written with your church in mind. We recognize the beauty of the body of Christ and therefore seek to equip each church with skills and principles rather than a formula. We have found that God challenges each church and individual to apply these lessons in a unique way that fits them and their community and that brings Him glory.

What is taught in the trainings?

First, we look at Scripture to understand God’s truth as it applies to ourselves and others. We consider what it means to depend on God for transformation amongst the vulnerable as we build skills to love and serve them. Then we build on these foundational ideas with training in practical skills.

Listed below are a few of the key ideas we share:

  • Mustard Seed Actions – So often we crave BIG events and BIG results.  If we don’t reach thousands than we must be failing right?  Our “go big or stay home” culture can cause us to not act at all. Yet the Bible time and time again encourages followers that God uses small (even foolish) things to accomplish his Kingdom purposes. Mustard Seed Actions challenge churches to start with small acts out of which God can grow great impact.
  • Depending on God – when things get difficult or when we get stuck, we tend to put our heads down and work harder. How often do we end up quitting…exhausted or disillusioned? We definitely need to work hard and be stretched out of our comfort zone, but if we really want to see our communities transformed, we need to realize that only God can transform. It takes prayer, fasting, pressing into Him and recognizing our dependence.
  • Loving not helping – in North America, there are services to cover almost everything the poor need. So what is the church’s role? The homeless and others will tell you, “We don’t want you to ‘fix’ us, we want to know if you care.” What does that mean for us as the church? How do we love those who aren’t always easy to love?
  • Transformational Truth – we believe in the power of Truth to set individuals, communities and nations free.  If we want to see transformation in our world, then we must begin by applying God’s truth to the lies that cause brokenness.

More detailed information about the training and principles can be found here.