PartneringChurch-largeThe church around the world is incredibly capable, although there are times when they, too, are locked in lies—lies like, “It’s not our problem,” or, “We are too poor.” However, as the church responds, God does amazing things—bringing healing to brokenness and building His church in both numbers and depth.

We believe the church is key to addressing brokenness. There are numerous reasons, such as:

The church is Christ’s bride

God describes the church as Christ’s body and His bride. There couldn’t be more intimate metaphors. God loves the church and clearly holds a special place for it. We want our love for God to be equally reflected in our love for His church. Our commitment to seeing the church reach its full potential is high.

The church displays God

In much of Asia the church is marginalized—seen as insignificant, or worse, as a dangerous part of society. To those outside the church, the Christian God is seen as a myth, as weak or uninterested in the affairs of Earth. God is not glorified, lifted up or praised.

The church plays a unique role in reflecting God to society. As the church reaches out—serving their communities, speaking out on behalf of women—society sees a glimpse of God’s heart.

The church has much to offer

Churches bring three essentials to any effort to reduce poverty: prayer, people and resources. Unlike most community partners, the church understands the power of prayer. In most cases they have already learnt to listen to God and to walk in obedience to Him. They confront challenges and problems with prayer. Time and time again we have seen God move and do the miraculous in response to these prayers. The people in the church are often extraordinary. They have compassion and willingness to sacrifice that isn’t seen in other organizations. They’ve been given gifts and talents to bring change to their communities.

The church will stay in the community

Most organizations or programs aim to finish up and leave. One of the best ways to ensure the changes started by the organization continue is to leave behind a community-based organization that will continue the work that was started. It might be a water committee or a savings group. For us, the church is the perfect partner—it’s staying in the community and it remains committed to its transformation.

Examples from our work

Several years ago, a TCT partner church decided to serve its community by building a footbridge. A few months later, a typhoon destroyed the bridge. Rather than giving up, the church saw an extra opportunity to show love to their community. They rebuilt the bridge. A few weeks later another typhoon washed away the second bridge. Again, the church responded by building a stronger bridge in a safer location. God used their perseverance. The story of this tiny church in the middle of nowhere appeared on the national news, and God received glory.