picket-fences-349713_1280Walk down a city street and you will most likely see the reality of poverty. Enter a prison, nursing home, shelter or immigration center and you will see people living on the margins struggling to stay afloat. Watch the news, read articles and get involved in your community and you will no doubt be confronted with brokenness and needy people. The vulnerable in our society are right in front of us…. broken people in tough situations, who are dearly loved by their creator. Often lonely and marginalized, many times forgotten, judged or looked past, how is the church, the reflection of Christ to react? What can we do to care for the vulnerable? What should we do to love them?

The vision of the 2:10 program is to be a resource that is: 

Equipping you to love the vulnerable in your community

We want you, the church, to BE the body of Christ to the broken, voiceless, marginalized and forgotten. There is no method or five-step process but we believe the Bible has much to say that can lead all of us on our way.

Through a variety of resources we are partnering with churches around the US to encourage and equip them for effective ministry. While we recognize that much can be gleaned from teachings we also recognize the need for more of Jesus in order to see true transformation. Therefore all of our ministry ideas are based around these three biblical concepts; what we call the three prongs of transformation.

  • Using Biblical Truth to Confront Lies
  • Dependence on God
  • Relationship

Together these concepts form the basis for all that we teach and share. As we develop and unpack these three concepts our ministry also seeks to address many important questions that often come our way. Below are a handful of examples:

  • Why is it critical for the church to be involved with the poor?
  • How do we help the vulnerable and not hurt?
  • What does the Bible mean by the command to “love” others?
  • What do the vulnerable in my city need most from my church?
  • Why is loving others so difficult?

In addition to understanding and awareness we also aim to foster tangible steps that lead to action. Merely learning concepts is good, but it’s the process of stepping out in discomfort that changes us and others. It’s in this place (the place of meeting need) that we experience true intimacy with God, know his heart and receive the joy of loving our neighbor. Thus, we hope to equip you and challenge you to step out and engage in direct ministry with the vulnerable in your city.

As you will see we offer a wide variety of resources and formats that we hope will effectively equip you in this journey. If you have questions about any of these resources or have ideas you would like to share with us PLEASE feel free to connect with us. We would love to talk with you!


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