Is your church stuck and looking for some new ideas and inspiration? Maybe you are a church leader or missions board searching for ways to deepen the impact of your church in the community? Perhaps you have been serving faithfully in a ministry but have not seen the transformation that you want? The ideas of the 2:10 program are meant to be shared, and we would love to be a resource to you!

Our coaching is best described as a partnership towards a common goal. It is our desire to walk with you and help you effectively equip your whole church to love the vulnerable in your city. We want to see you connecting with the vulnerable in your community and growing closer to God’s heart in the process. We work with churches of all shapes, sizes and denominations to encourage and edify them in their ministry to the vulnerable in their city.

We recognize that all churches are filled with a wide diversity of people. Some are conversationalist, some intellectuals, some outgoing, others quiet and reserved. Some young, some old, some working, some not; however, the beauty of the body of Christ is that together we can have amazing impact for the kingdom of God. One of the goals of our coaching is to work with your church and help you to discover the variety of ways that people of all ages, personalities and gifting’s in your church can be involved in loving the vulnerable. No matter the profession or skill set, with a heart for serving God and loving others, you can be a part of loving the vulnerable. Through prayer, creativity and discussion together we will formulate a plan that will move your church closer to the heart of God through loving others.

Our coaching walks with churches through four basic phases.

  1. The Assessment Phase: It is key to understand where the church is currently at in the area of local missions and the issues it desires to address. Some churches have a long history of community involvement and others are brand new at it. Either way, taking the time to assess your current situation, to review what God has done and shown you, and to develop a vision going forward is instrumental to getting unstuck. This phase is filled with lots of dialogue, discussion, evaluation and the development of a prayer strategy.
  1. Equip and discover: Through intentional conversation and training this phase looks at the three prongs of transformation: Depending on God, Truth, and Relationship. In this phase we help your church discover their role in local missions and align themselves with biblical principles related to loving God through loving others. This phase includes a workshop (The Three Prongs of Transformation) along with intentional study and discussion.
  1. Strategy Development: Each church has a unique and distinctive gifting. Your location, demographics and vision for impact will greatly steer your ministry direction. During this phase our coach will help you:
  • Identify a focus (Who are the people you feel you are most called to reach?)
  • Evaluate needs (Which could include assessing partnerships with other NGO’s) and
  • Develop a strategy for moving forward (How do we implement this?). It is during this time that “champions” for the initiative(s) are identified and various discussions regarding sustainability, engagement and preparation are examined. This can be a fairly extensive stage and is often the longest in length.
  1. Implementation: It’s time to begin implementing your strategy. Our coach will help you walk through the first steps, evaluate your effectiveness and plan for future engagement. Ministry that seeks to love the vulnerable will always involve a level of the unknown. Therefore our coach will be an ongoing resource for questions, evaluation and encouragement. It is also our desire to help you celebrate with your congregation what the Lord is doing in and through you.

The Four phases of coaching are unique to each church. With many years of experience working in the area of local and global missions and with churches of varying sizes our staff realizes not every church works the same. Therefore we will work specifically with your church to find what works best for you. Through the process of coaching there are three things we can guarantee:

  • Clear communication. It is our commitment to be open and vulnerable with you throughout the process. We will work to answer your questions and be available for discussion as much as possible.
  • Our best. We want to see you connect even closer to God’s heart. There is one thing we can be sure of: that God is at work. Therefore we will bring to the coaching partnership all of the knowledge, experience and resources we have to offer in order to help you see where God is at work.
  • Prayer. Our coach will be committed to praying for you, your church and the ministry journey God has you on.

If your church is interested in partnering with TCT–Local in a coaching relationship please contact John Warden.