Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Churches, regardless of size, that want to grow in their understanding and love towards the vulnerable in their community. Individuals and groups that have a passion to see the poor in their context, loved, served and valued. There is no need for any special experience or background. The trainings and resources are as appropriate to a new believer as to a senior leader.

What are some of the foundational ideas?

For years we have sought a biblical response to the way we address poverty.  If we start with the bible as our textbook, how would that influence the methods that we use?  Through weaving missions and serving the poor back together we have developed the integrated approach, a list of seven principles that undergird our work.

What is the theological position of your organization?

We believe that all people need to make Christ Lord of their lives. We also believe that God is passionate about justice and our salvation should result in good works. We believe that as we understand and apply God’s truth to our lives and the lives of others we will be transformed through the power and grace of God. The Core Truths page best summarizes our core beliefs.

What is Reconciled World’s expectation of financial support?

It is definitely our hope that this program will cover it’s own costs. That does mean we hope that churches who utilize the various resources in the program will feel that it is so beneficial that they would be willing to donate to cover the costs of the program. However, we don’t want to make finances a barrier to being involved so we are not requiring any payment beyond travel costs. We do believe in our programs around the world and are excited at the way God is using them to have an impact. We would love to be able to raise more support to allow them to grow. But that is in God’s hands. Our intention is not that this will be a fundraising tool. That said, if you come to appreciate the organization, believe in us and are looking at where to give, we would love your partnership.

What do I need to do to get started?

Please fill out the contact box below and John Warden will get in contact with you.