Sent Saturday – Immersion Experience

homeless and widowSent Saturday is a daylong immersion filled experience that allows your group a chance to interact with the vulnerable of Sioux Falls while learning principles to increase your ministry effectiveness. Hands on experiences are one of the best ways to overcome fear, grow in confidence and learn concepts that stick. This unique and impactful immersion opportunity will propel you into more purposed love of the vulnerable in your city.


Sent Saturday uses a combination of teaching and equipping along with immersion experiences. The day is designed specifically to accomplish three tasks:

  1. Give you multiple opportunities to interact, talk to, and hear from the vulnerable. Specific opportunities are created and prepared so that your group will have the chance to come face to face with some of the vulnerable of Sioux Falls.
  1. Equip you throughout the day on how to love and care for the vulnerable. Teaching times interlaced with discussion, biblical study and debriefing will allow you to learn from what you hear, see and experience.
  1. Give glory to God. When we grow in our understanding of God’s heart – God is glorified. When we grow in our love for others – God is glorified. When those that God loves are cared for and encouraged – God is glorified. When we fellowship, encourage each other and become equipped to do God’s work in our city – God is glorified. Through times of prayer, worship, service, relationships and learning we pray that God is glorified.


Individuals and groups alike are encouraged to register. Numbers are limited to 15 people. Bible study groups, church missions groups, friends and college groups are encouraged to participate. Depending on your group number you may be paired with other individuals or small groups. The minimum age requirement is 15 years of age.


Sent Saturday is full 12-hour day. The group is encouraged to come ready to learn, serve and grow. Each experience is a little different so groups should be flexible and ready to adapt to the experiences they are provided. Meals will be provided in the cost of the registration and participants should notify us in advance of any special dietary needs. Individuals and groups will be notified prior to the day what to wear and a general outline of the activities will be provided.

For more information contact John Warden.