Small Group Study

The 2:10 program has developed a small group study that is specifically designed to walk your group through several core ideas surrounding the call to love the vulnerable in your city. This five-week downloadable small group study called “Sent” is a fabulous resource to equip and encourage your small group. The material provides opportunities for engaging discussion, sound biblical study and tangible action steps that will equip you for being sent out to love others.

Some of the topics discussed in this study are:

  1. What does a biblical response to God’s heart for loving others look like?
  2. Who are the vulnerable in my city and why are they so important to God?
  3. How do the poor really feel and what does loving them look like?
  4. Why is it critical for me to love the vulnerable?

Participants are also challenged to spend time in personal reflection and prayer asking God how they might be called to specifically respond. The study is driven by stories that lead to biblical study, prayer and interaction, ultimately equipping the individual or group towards tangible outreach to the vulnerable.

This is a free resource! If you are interested in downloading this study please fill out this form.