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“Enforcing a law is not enough. You have to change people’s mindset and empower women.”
– Delhi’s Chief Minister, Shiela Dikshit.

We challenge people to understand the Christian message that both men and women are made in the image of God. We affirm the value and dignity of girls and women, endowed by their Creator. We also seek to challenge the inconsistency of the feminist groups who advocate in favor of abortions as a women’s rights issue but are aghast when the same rights are used in the mass killing of their own gender.

While it’s easy to assume that any Christian already knows that all people are equally valuable to God, the reality is that, even in the church, some people celebrate the birth of a son but grieve the birth of a daughter.

Bringing Truth to CHURCHES

For ten years, we taught pastors about Applied Biblical Truth. God used it. Many began talking about God’s heart for the poor, sick and outcast. Yet, when the trainings touched on the value of women, the room grew silent. Ask any pastor in the world and they’ll tell you—gender is a tricky topic. The problem is, in India, this is a life-or-death issue. That’s why our mission from the Lord is to work through the Church in India to start a movement to end gendercide in the second-largest nation on earth.

In 2014, God opened doors for us to bring gender justice workshops to 24 churches. Twelve of those churches went on to form care groups around this issue. We discipled 96 people from these Care Groups over the course of four months, equipping and encouraging them to reach out to their own communities.

Pastors are saying that, because of the training, they now see this as a ministry of their church. Many are already making plans for how to care for their own members and how to reach out to others. They are organizing seminars for couples and doing street plays.

It is a small start, considering that there are thousands of churches in Delhi alone. Yet we rejoice in this truth: God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong (1 Corinthians 1:27). As we continue to support the churches who have already begun this journey, we are asking God for the opportunity to train 25 more churches in 2015 and 2016. We are also creating a Church Resource Pack in Hindi that will be a resource for our partner churches in ministering to women facing abusive situations. It will be ready for distribution by September 2015.


University students are at a critical stage of decision-making regarding marriage and planning for family. They are also the most open to be challenged about their beliefs. We are the only Christian organization in India working with university students on the issue of gendercide. We are passionate about grounding the new generation of Christians with biblical truth about the value of women and girls. In partnership with a Christian student union, we’ve hosted 25 screenings of a powerful documentary about the issue of gendercide on 15 campuses.

As a result of this campus outreach program, many students have expressed interest in becoming actively involved in the cause. So in 2014, we launched an internship and volunteer program. Forty students were trained to speak out, to mentor younger youth, and to run campus-awareness events. They gathered and delivered baby gifts to the families of newborn girls at three hospitals on International Day of the Girl Child. They helped orchestrate an art and music festival to raise funds and awareness for the cause. Some hosted karaoke events.   Some worked in our small office. And some helped in organizing awareness programs for school and college students and for vulnerable women in the community.

Ultimately, we seek for these students to become a strong group of men and women whose views of gender and the value of human life have become aligned with biblical truth. Their worldview change will first impact their personal decisions about abortion and dowry. They will have the confidence and knowledge to speak truth to their friends and family about the cultural lies at the heart of this issue.

In 2015 and 2016, we hope to reach 1000 students with awareness events and engage 100 volunteers and interns.

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