a group of drug addicts enthusiastically attend monthly fellowshipsTwenty years ago Amir* became addicted to drugs. Abandoned by his family, he lived on the streets with other homeless drug addicts, doing whatever it took to get his daily fix. Then in 2014, Rahham began holding monthly fellowship meetings for their make-shift community…which was shocking, because most everyone shunned these men. Amir attended the meetings regularly. Each month, he heard about a loving God who answers prayers. Then came the day when Amir fell critically ill.  At the hospital, he was  ignored and left to die due to his addiction and low status in society. He was too sick to move, but in the back of his mind he kept hearing the reminder, “If you pray, the Lord Jesus will hear you.” Amir cried out to Jesus, and was miraculously healed.

The small team at Rahham tells story after story of miracles like this. Rahham currently hosts monthly fellowship meetings for vulnerable groups, including drug addicts, rag-pickers, HIV-Infected, and transvestites. Each of these groups meet monthly for teaching, worship and prayer. Afterward they have a meal together, and people often stay for an hour or two longer just to talk. The groups vary from 30-100 attendees. While nearly  all are non-believers, some have already made a commitment to Christ in the last year.

We want to help more churches to get involved with this powerful ministry. Churches in New Dehli often feel unsure how to minister to the most vulnerable. Like many of us, they are stretched for time and resources, feel uncomfortable, or simply don’t see it as a priority compared to personal discipleship and morality. In the face of huge needs, they aren’t sure how to make a real difference.

In 2015, our goal is to launch a church training program helping churches to use the monthly fellowship model to start their own fellowships among the vulnerable. We will do a series of four trainings with churches–each will teach biblical truth and practical skills, and then help churches practice what they learn by attending a current fellowship group meeting

*name changed



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