Jordan and Tessa

Jordan and Tessa had a heart for international development since before they met. This shared passion brought them together when they met in 2009 while studying abroad in East Africa with the Go ED. program. While in Africa their relationship grew as well as their passion for international development. Upon returning to the states, Jordan graduated from Houghton College with a B.S. in Intercultural Studies and shortly after left for Thailand to be an intern with FH. While there he worked developing short curriculums for local villagers.

In 2010 Tessa graduated with a B.S. in Economics and International Studies from George Fox University. That summer Jordan and Tessa married and a few months later took a position working for the Go ED. Mekong study abroad program. After that position ended in the summer of 2012, Jordan and Tessa had felt a calling back to Southeast Asia. In their role with Reconciled World, they help with communications, logistics and administrative support.