TCT Update: Serving the Vulnerable

Our TCT village leaders have been doing exciting things lately. They have been busy engaging their communities and showing God’s love to the vulnerable around them. Here are a few of our favorite stories that were recently received from one of our newer fields.


This week I focused on reaching out to the vulnerable in my neighborhood. I visited a widow and listened to what she wanted to say. I talked to a blind man and fed him. I prayed for an elderly woman and encouraged her. I also took time to eat noodles with some of the Buddhists in my community. Because I took the time to build relationships with the vulnerable around me I feel more trusted and respected by members of the community. Also, I have been inspired to be more intentional about showing God’s love to my community.


Recently we had a special project to serve a widow in our community. Behind her house there is a small pond that overflows when there are heavy rains so we wanted to add some extra drainage for the pond. This was a big task so I asked two young men from the community to help me. The project took us two days to complete. We had to remove two trees and dig a ditch for the water to flow past the widow’s house. The widow now feels safe in her home. She knows that even if the heavy rains do come the pond will not overflow so she will be safe. She no longer has to worry- she can rest in peace and joy.


Once a month we take a day to serve our community. This month we focused our time on cutting the wild grass in the street, repairing the small bridges, filling potholes, and digging drainage ditches. Because of the repairs we have done the people from our village are healthier, have better transportation, and have more income. We also have more time and energy to serve God and fellowship with the non-believers in our community.


Please pray for these leaders as they serve in their communities. Pray that they can build relationships with the vulnerable and inspire others to do the same. Also pray that others would see the love of God through the Acts of Love they are doing in their communities.

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