Art Speaks for People Suffering with Tuberculosis

When Vivek walked into the art exhibition one single painting caught his eye. It was a close-up of a destitute man’s ravished face and hollowed torso, with billowing clouds and a blue sky painted behind his eyes. It was titled: “What Dreams Lie Within.”

“I don’t know anything about art, and have never tried to understand it. I’m a really practical kind of person,” Vivek shared later, “but when I saw that painting, something touched me deeply. And it struck me that there are others who could be moved by art like this.” That comment was a seed that grew into a partnership, taking fifteen young emerging artists into Asia’s largest tuberculosis hospital to meet with patients, hear their stories, and paint a human portrait of the disease. The paintings were then exhibited for leaders of business and members of Parliament to challenge them about responding to the issue of tuberculosis. Art has power to communicate truth in ways that preaching, journalism, and lobbying do not.

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