From Myanmar: An Act of Love

This month’s Glimpses of God is shared by one of our TCT facilitators in Myanmar:

At the first TCT conference in our area, I learnt from the life of Mother Teresa who was doing ministry in India. Learning about the image of God from Genesis 1:26-27, God spoke to my heart. My heart was full and overflowed into tears.

God gave me a picture in my mind of a neglected family in our church. Normally they were listed as church members, but they were not baptized yet. We had tried to encourage them to be baptized and invited them to attend church regularly. However it never happened. But God spoke to my heart that I really need to pray for them.

When I went back home from the TCT conference I talked with my fellow workers and elders and said that we should have concern for this poor family and show them our love. All the people agreed.

At the time that family was going through a very difficult time. The husband was suffering from disease. He had been going through treatment for many years. In the meantime his wife also had a fever. The urgent need for the family was help with harvesting. There was no one to help with the harvesting since the children were going to school, the mother was sick with a fever, and the father was in the hospital away in the city.

And so the church ministers, fifteen women and the youth from the church started to do Acts of Love. During one day they completed harvesting the family’s field and carrying it in to the barn. The whole group was very happy for this great opportunity to do Acts of Love. The family was also very happy. If the church had not helped that would have been a big challenge for the poor family. This showing of love particularly affected the husband who was in the hospital. God touched his heart softly. A few weeks after the Act of Love, he accepted Christ as his savior in baptizing and gave thanks to the Lord.

Shared by Reverend Joseph, TCT Facilitator

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