Loving Your Neighbor Through Google Searches

It is amazing how a simple google search can bless your neighbor.

I looked out my window a few weeks ago and noticed that Carol, my neighbor across the street who I have blogged about in the past, had a garage door problem.  Her car was crookedly parked half way into the garage and her garage door was bashed in and twisted.  It didn’t take much observation to realize that something wasn’t right.

I walked across the street to find that Carol had accidentally driven her car through the garage door leaving a trail of bent medal, glass and debris.  Carol shared with me that she had gotten her slipper caught on the accelerator and wasn’t able to react quickly enough to stop the car as she pulled into the driveway.  Luckily, she had made it through the episode unharmed… just quite embarrassed.

She shared that a garage door mechanic was coming later that day to give her an estimate for repairs.  I told her I would keep an eye out for his vehicle and come over when he showed up to help with any explaining and questions.

When I arrived home I spent a few minutes researching the cost of a single garage door replacement in this area.  It wasn’t tough to find this information and within 8 minutes I had printed off an estimation sheet with a ballpark figure for the replacement.

A few hours later Carol and I stood talking with the garage door technician about the details of replacement when she asked how much the replacement would cost.  He quoted us a figure and Carol looked at me.  Carol was looking to me for assurance that the cost was fair and honest.  In that moment I felt as if I was being the neighbor that God wanted me to be.   Carol needed a trustworthy opinion and someone to assure her that she wasn’t being taken advantage of.

Loving our neighbor will come in so many shapes and sizes.  I wasn’t a garage door expert but I was capable of doing a simple google search.  I think sometimes our tendency is to feel we have to do big things in order to bless and love other people.  But in reality sometimes it is the little acts that speak the loudest. I hope that I gave Carol a small glimpse of God’s kingdom that day.  A glimpse that says, you matter and I care because God cares.

As we challenge ourselves in missional living let’s be aware of the little opportunities that exist right in front of us, the people and situations that cross our paths on a daily basis.  Life change happens through relationships and relationships drive missions.  Over the past few weeks I have learned that loving my neighbor is sometimes as simple as a basic google search.

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John Warden is Reconciled World’s global staff pastor and the facilitator for 2:10. He holds a Masters of Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and has more than fifteen years of ministry experience. He lives in Sioux Falls, SD with his wife and two daughters. You can contact him directly at johnw@reconciledworld.org.

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