Rebuilding Bridges

In one year, two major storms hit the areas where we work. Many of the churches’ projects (their Acts of Love) were damaged or destroyed—houses, bridges and roads. It was heartbreaking to see all their efforts ruined. Yet God had a plan for His glory. Rather than giving up or becoming discouraged, the churches just started to work harder. They saw it as an extra opportunity to bless their communities. Just days after the first storm one church went out to rebuild a bridge that they had only built a few months earlier. They needed the bridge so that they could take food to a neighboring area that was completely cut off. A few weeks later the second storm hit and the bridge was destroyed again. The church reorganized and decided to rebuild a third bridge in a slightly different and hopefully safer location. Church members donated the land on either side of the river (this land is the most valuable in any community) and they negotiated with the government to get steel. Then a news crew showed up and did a spot about the church that cares for their community. God received so much glory through their simple acts of obedience.

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