Stories from Uganda

Last week, Anna blogged about the complexity of generational poverty and the need for prayer. The truth is, we see Him answer these prayers every day. We are so excited about what God is doing amongst those who are experiencing poverty—bringing transformation in their thinking and causing them to flourish. We just finished up our first ever TCT East Africa Forum, with 31 pastors and denominational leaders. So I’m sure that, in the coming year, we’ll be sharing lots of stories of God’s power and faithfulness from that group of dynamic men of God! Here are a couple of “Praise God” stories from TCT-partner churches in Uganda… […]

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Welcoming the Vulnerable

As I travel around the world (which is nearly constant now), I love to ask people, “What do you see God doing? How are churches reaching out to their communities? What can we celebrate?” Getting these glimpses of how churches are seeking to show God’s love is one of the best parts of my job. As I write this, I am in the DR Congo. Today a number of the stories had something in common: The church welcoming those who have been rejected by the rest of society. One pastor shared that a few years ago there had been a prostitute in his village who had become pregnant. She had come to the church for help, but they and the rest of the community had [...]

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Happy New Year!

It’s a new year. I, for one, love this season. I love the expectancy of the blank page and waiting to see what God will do. I love making plans, dreaming dreams, pondering what the year ahead will bring. Some of all those plans works out, others not quite so much. Because, without fail, God seems to like to interrupt my well laid plans and make sure each year is full of surprises. 2015 was no different. I sought God and made great plans. Most of it panned out. And the rest of the year was filled with surprises. Here are just a few of them: Africa […]

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