Lent 2014: Solidarity with the Poor

I’m not good at fasting. I don’t like it. And it makes me grumpy. Anna should really be writing this post instead of me…she seems to have the fasting thing down cold. Nevertheless, here we are. Today is Ash Wednesday. Lent starts today, and I can’t very well skip it when I’ve already blogged about it for the whole cyber-world to see. Plus, I know that a) it’s commanded, b) it’s blessed. David Maddalena (brightsadness.org) writes, “When we let our stomachs stay empty for just a little bit longer than we’re used to, we learn something powerful about our weaknesses, our needs, and our desires. This, in turn, makes room for God to teach us something powerful about his strength, provision, and grace.” Translation: I’m a [...]

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Remembering the Darkness Before the Dawn

The day after tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. If you don’t attend a liturgical church, you may be wondering what that even means. In fact, my coworkers at Reconciled World appointed me to blog today because when I mentioned Ash Wednesday was coming up, they all said, “What’s that?” Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter. In Church tradition, it is a time of repentance, of self-denial and of mourning for our sinfulness. It is a time to plead with the Lord to intervene in our brokenness. […]

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