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Have you ever made cookies with a preschooler? I have. A lot. My daughters love to “help” me make cookies. They spend most of the time jostling each other off the chair they’re standing on, spilling ingredients and licking things. Let’s just say it takes twice as long to make the cookies and four times as long to clean up with my “helpers” with me. At the end, they present the cookies “they made” to [whomever] with immense pride. Meanwhile, I stand behind them exhausted, praying the oven was hot enough to kill all the germs, and wishing mythical elves would clean the kitchen for me.

This is how I feel about being involved in God’s work—like I am the child who thinks I’m helping make cookies. Obviously, God doesn’t need my efforts, good ideas or money to accomplish His work. He spoke the universe into existence, for heaven’s sake. In fact, I imagine I mess up as often as I get anything right and that I hold God back as often as I get anything done. Yet God delights in our “help.” He invites us to be part of what He is doing in the world, because He loves us and wants us to share in the joy.

Many times, I believe, God asks us to help in His work not for what we can give, but for what we will gain. When I make cookies with my daughters, the most important end-product is relationship. When I give myself to kingdom work, I gain greater closeness with my Father, new trust in His promises, and the ability to better hear His voice. My “work” for the kingdom is really God’s opportunity to mold me more into His image.

And as we become more like our Father, we will find that, despite our sometimes silliness, He truly can use us to “do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).

I see God at work in so many amazing ways through Reconciled World. If you haven’t received it (or haven’t opened it—you know who you are), check out our semi-annual update to read some of the highlights!  Our monthly newsletter is another great resources for keeping up with the new things God is doing. You can subscribe to those here.

But, honestly, we don’t just want you to read about what God is doing—we want you to get involved with us and share in the joy of this journey! Even if you don’t feel like you have much to give, we truly believe that there is a place for each of us. Just as Jesus praised the widow’s giving of her “two pennies” (Mark 12:41-44), He will be pleased with whatever each of us offers Him.

PRAY – We have seen God do amazing things in answer to the prayers of His people. If you are willing to commit 10-15 minutes per week to praying for the people and work of Reconciled World, please join our prayer team.

GIVE – When we challenge the poor churches we work with to give, God time-and-again turns their sacrifice into something of eternal value. We have endless stories here and here. The truth from scripture is that God honors, and even requires sacrificial giving (Malachi 3:6-12, James 1:27, Mark 10:21, Matthew 6…I could go on). Here are some ideas of how to give to Reconciled World. Please consider giving sacrificially, if not to Reconciled World, than to another Kingdom ministry you love.

TRAIN – In September 2014, we launched our TCT – Local program, offering churches (read your church) the opportunity to learn and apply the TCT principles and to see God transform communities (read your community). How cool is that? What are you waiting for?! CLICK HERE to learn more about how your church can get started!!

COME—We are looking for people with some really specific skillsets to join us for a week, a summer, a semester, or long-term. These would be support-raising positions. If you are a videographer, web-designer, or social-media expert and want to know more about getting involved with Reconciled World, please contact us RIGHT NOW! We could really use you!

Thanks for being part of our Reconciled World team. I hope you are ready to do more and go deeper. I am thankful everyday to be part of this adventure! God is cooking up something fantastic, and you are invited to “help make the cookies.”

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Glynka is the Grants Manager for Reconciled World. She lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband and three children.

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