Prayer: Orphans

The first time I watched the movie Lion, I was sitting on a plane between my two kids, on our way from India to the U.S. I was utterly drawn in, recognizing in so many scenes the world I was just leaving: the crowded, lively streets; the dhabas (food stands) with their deep-fried goodies; the familiar accents and casual head bobbing. The story is about a small, poor boy, Saroo, who gets separated from his family, and, not knowing his last name or the village he is from, is unable to find his way back. After many days on his own in a foreign city where no one understands his language, he ends up in an orphanage and is later adopted by an Australian family. I loved, in [...]

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Caring for Orphans the Asia Way

What do you think of when you hear the word adoption or orphan? When I think about adoption, I envision a family that has gone through hours and hours of paperwork, excitement and tears to bring a child into their family to love unconditionally. When I think about orphans, I imagine a child that has lost both of their parents. An orphan to me is a child that, if they are not taken in by an immediate family member, will end up ‘in the system’ struggling to find the love of a stable caretaker. […]

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