Prayer: Ethnic Violence & Genocide

But the truth is that genocide by no means happens suddenly. It is rather like a slow-growing cancer. We often don’t recognize the early symptoms, and sometimes we just don’t want to. Like cancer, genocide grows in stages. It begins simply with the way we start to classify ourselves in contrast to other groups, and then discriminate, persecute, and eventually try to eliminate them.

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Prayer: Orphans

The first time I watched the movie Lion, I was sitting on a plane between my two kids, on our way from India to the U.S. I was utterly drawn in, recognizing in so many scenes the world I was just leaving: the crowded, lively streets; the dhabas (food stands) with their deep-fried goodies; the familiar accents and casual head bobbing. The story is about a small, poor boy, Saroo, who gets separated from his family, and, not knowing his last name or the village he is from, is unable to find his way back. After many days on his own in a foreign city where no one understands his language, he ends up in an orphanage and is later adopted by an Australian family. I loved, in [...]

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Pray: Refugees

My earliest memory of being aware of refugees even existing simply involves sitting in a living room with a family I couldn’t talk to (because we didn’t speak the same language), and being served my first cup of Turkish coffee in a beautiful, tiny demitasse cup. I was about 16, and I had no idea what this family had experienced or how they had landed in a town near me. I still don’t, not specifically. But they changed my life with their hospitality, at a time when my world was very small. Over time, God has provided more and more touch points for me with refugee families. Opportunities to help set up apartments, welcome families, and walk with them for a time. Opportunities to hear [...]

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Prayer: Those affected by HIV

As I am sitting in a cab on my way home from a meeting with Rahham’s director and his family, fresh information and vibrant images swirl around in my head. Did you know that HIV-infected people need up to 30 percent more nutrition than healthy people? Or that it is often co-infections, like tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis C, that end up killing infected people, because their immune systems become so weak? Have you ever thought of what it would be like, as a healthy child, to live with HIV-infected parents and siblings? Or how difficult it is to keep a job when your body is constantly busy fighting off disease and infection? If, like me, you haven’t followed news and research about HIV closely since it [...]

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Prayer: Persecution

Christmas is approaching. It’s a season when Christians all over the world love to share about their faith. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s a time when persecution increases. I live in what is labelled a ‘closed’ or ‘creative access’ country. Basically that means the church here faces persecution, and while it’s definitely not as bad as it once was, it’s been a constant theme for me for the past 20 years. People are chased by the police, forced to hide or disguise themselves. People are beaten, their homes and fields are burnt, their families reject them, and they are thrown out of their villages. These are real, painful things. I know what it means to be scared, and I certainly don’t want to minimize [...]

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Giving Tuesday

It’s #GivingTuesday, the day when we all plead with you to send us any spare pennies that remain after the joys of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’re changing it up a bit this year, though. We aren’t asking for your pennies, but rather something that probably feels even more scarce to you—your time. But before you click off to read something else, let me at least say—we’re just looking for you to commit an hour a month for the next 12 months—that’s all. You can breathe easier now. […]

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Prayer: Elections

In July I visited the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have a great team there, working on implementing the TCT program amongst more than 1000 churches. As I was leaving, they told me that I wouldn’t be able to come again until February, because from November to January they would be having riots. While one of the things that I admire about the Congolese is their fantastic strategic planning skills, I was slightly amused that they had already blocked calendar dates for a riot. It turns out there are supposed to be elections in December but the current President (who has completed his maximum of two terms) is refusing to step down or organize elections. As a result, people are expecting violence. As we drove [...]

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Join Us: Pray!

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  James 5:16b Here in the wonderful world of Reconciled World we are getting more focused on prayer. As we arrive at the grand age of three years old, we have learned a few things. For one, the incredible importance of prayer and how much we need you (yes YOU, reader), and your church and friends to join us in praying. As Nam shared last week, the gospel is a partnership. It’s not something one person, even the apostle Paul, can do alone. It takes the whole body of Christ. We are designed for unity. We need people to do the hard work of praying. There are two key reasons why we need your prayers: [...]

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What We’re Doing for International Women’s Day

I have memories of Women’s Day ever since I was in elementary school. Growing up in Europe, March 8th was a good day to be a girl. Boys would give us flowers at school, husbands would surprise their wives with a bouquet, my dad would get chocolate for his girls. It was natural for me that women are beautiful, valuable, hard-working creatures who should be celebrated. I didn’t know there were parts of the world where being born a girl was undesirable or even dangerous. India also observes International Women’s Day, honoring women’s accomplishments in different ways on this day, but acknowledging that women are equal to men is still not an everyday reality. There has been much progress in recognizing women’s value in the [...]

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Seeking Justice Through Nagging

A few years ago my wife and I gave our 8-year-old daughter a Bible for her birthday. It’s not exactly a children’s Bible (giant pictures with two sentences of writing) but it isn’t a King James Bible with 300 pages of index either. It is kind of in between; part pictures to keep her intrigued other part substantial reading to teach her truth. While I know she reads it at night before she sleeps I don’t know exactly what book she is reading or how far through the Bible she has gotten. However, I have sneaky suspicion that she has at least read through the book of Luke…. Here’s why. Not long ago I came across the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-8. [...]

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