construction-smallIn many parts of Asia, young people from poor rural areas come to the “big city” in the hope of a better life. That better life too often turns out to be fifteen hours a day in a sweatshop or entrapment in the sex-trade industry. God is using WDC to help these young people discover God’s best for their lives.

Every two years, WDC selects twenty-eight youth who want to live together on campus, study a vocation and commit to an intensive truth-centered discipleship course. These students often arrive with little education, little knowledge of God and not much else. Some come from areas where there are no Christians. Their decision for Christ is a costly one.

After two years, as the students leave, they are closer to God, knowing they are loved both by Him and the staff. They are ready to make a stand for Christ. They also leave with a job offer. The students’ work ethic, integrity and job skills make them sought after. The school receives more job opportunities than it has students to fill them. It’s a testimony to the school, and to God, who transforms these lives.  More →


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