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Art is powerful. It brings truth straight to the heart, helping us see things as if we had not seen them before. Through paintings, Stefan seeks to challenge his nation to ‘look again’—at the suffering of women, at the injustices of growing economic disparity, at the humanity of TB patients and the destitute.

Stefan brings together groups of artists to hear from the marginalized and engage with issues that affect society. They reflect together on God’s truth related to those issues and create art.  Art that disciples a nation.

Art is powerful also because it makes us more human, more of what the Creator God intended us to be—made in his image, with inherent dignity and a mandate to create.

Stefan and his team take art to the marginalized—destitute men, children living in slums, girls rescued from difficult situations.  Individuals are given the opportunity to discover their identity, process difficult experiences, and have their voices heard through art.  Art that heals and gives voice. More →



  • The Create Commission Program

    The Create Commission Program

    Art is a powerful medium of truth and healing, and a means of giving a voice to the oppressed. Read More

  • Marginalized Art

    Marginalized Art

    Our team of artists gives marginalized people an opportunity to express themselves, to experience healing and to discover their God-given dignity. Read More

  • International Artist Residency

    International Artist Residency

    Artists live together and study a particular societal issue from a Kingdom perspective, to bring truth to the issue through art. Read More

  • The Create Commission Scholarship

    The Create Commission Scholarship

    Scholarships help raise up Christian artists who are grounded in biblical truth and called to speak prophetically to their nation. Read More

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