NEW TCT 4The Truth Centered Transformation (TCT) program started as an experiment. We wanted to know if it were actually possible for a community to move out of poverty just by understanding and applying God’s truth. It seemed pretty implausible. And yet, the programs at that time weren’t making a dramatic difference and Scripture seemed to promise so much.

So we set out to find ten churches that would go on a journey to find out what would happen. In just eighteen months there were 300 churches and a waiting list of hundreds more. What drew so many so fast?  It was a message of hope. For the first time they were learning that they could start to bring change to their own communities. And it would start with something as simple as obeying God through Acts of Love.

The program grew, and every six months a new training was given. Amazing things happened and stories of miracles were common. God showed up as churches sought to walk in obedience to Him. Hundreds, then thousands were saved, including, in one case, the pastor. And, most astoundingly, communities started to report that God had transformed them—they had moved out of poverty! Not just one or two, but more than 200 communities reported this. The program is now bringing this message of hope to communities in four countries. In 2013, we launched a website to share the program with anyone interested in replicating it.  More →



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