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When crisis strikes, most people go into survival mode: they just try to make the best of it for themselves and for their own families.

In 2004, one woman received the news that her son had autism. She was told, “Nothing can be done. Let him live out his karma.”

In India, the belief is strong that disabled children are worthless, a curse, bad karma. That belief leads to neglect and to lack of services or opportunities. But she knew the truth: that her son is made in the image of God, that his life has purpose and potential. So she began looking for services to help her son. Instead, she found other desperate parents who had no place to turn. This woman felt called to show people that the children her society was discarding are only differently-abled, and that they are a blessing.

God led her to open a center for children with autism. Her hope was to be a model to others—a light house. Today, In His Image has 37 students that, as she dreamed, are “able to get all the services that they need under one roof, regardless of the family’s financial situation.”  Furthermore, God has opened doors for her to teach the truth-based philosophy and best-practices of In His Image to over 600 mainstream school teachers and staff of several organizations. The school has been a model for two other new centers and their curriculum.

Today, the calling remains as clear as ever—to transform India with the truth that the differently-abled are created in the image of God and are precious in His sight.



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