The Power of Prayer and Fasting

“So we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer.” Ezra 8:23

In one TCT community, the church decided that they wanted to build stable homes for everyone in the community. They did a survey of the area and decided there were 35 houses that were about to fall down and needed to be rebuilt or repaired. Over time, the church members worked together to collect resources and provide manpower and they were able to finish 17 of the 35 homes. However, after completing the 17th house they realized they had no resources left to rebuild the remaining 18 houses. So, rather than becoming discouraged and giving up on the task they had set out to complete, the church members decided to get together to pray and fast one night to ask God to help them finish the project.

The next morning as they left the church, large trucks filled with building materials pulled up outside the church and started dumping their loads. Confused, the church members rushed to tell the truck drivers that they had the wrong address. No one had ordered any building materials and no one there was able to pay for all they were dropping off. The truck drivers quickly responded that the materials were the church’s responsibility now, and if they didn’t want the materials there they would have to move them. Further discussion revealed that the materials were surplus from a nearby warehouse and they were being disposed of to make way for new materials. The materials were free. When the church leaders asked the truck drivers why they had dumped the materials there, in front of the church the drivers didn’t really know how to respond, they simply replied, “We were tired of driving, and just felt like dumbing the materials so we could get back to the warehouse.”

The materials miraculously turned out to be enough to finish the rest of the houses for the community. When the people in the comunity realized that they could not complete the task on their own, they looked to God to provide for them. They knew that depending on God would yield powerful results, they just didn’t realize how powerful.

Just imagine the work God could do in our lives and and the lives of those around us if we depended more on Him. Our challenge to you is to identify the areas in your life that you need to depend more on God. We can promise you that once you put it in His hands, He will not disappoint.

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