A Girl With Autism, A Beloved Daughter

This is the story of a mother who loves unrelentingly…of a girl considered worthless by society, but who is priceless in the eyes of her mom.

A little more than four years ago, Twinkle’s mother made a desperate decision. Finding no services for her autistic daughter in their rural village, Twinkle’s mother left her husband and three other children and moved with her to New Delhi. They’ve stayed with a relative in the city. For four years, Twinkle’s mother looked for a school that could really help Twinkle – not just babysit her. Finally, they found the In His Image Center, which (miraculously) had an opening in their vocational program for Twinkle. In His Image even provided a scholarship for Twinkle, seeing there was no way her mother could pay the costs of the program.

Twinkle had never been apart from her mother. The first few days she came to In His Image, Twinkle clung to her mother, weeping. After a few days, Twinkle was able to be calm with her mother sitting nearby. Day by day, the In His Image teachers moved Twinkle’s mother a bit farther away. For four days, Twinkle’s mother spent hours sitting on the stairs outside the classroom so that Twinkle could be reassured.

Then there was the screaming. The In His Image staff and students soon discovered that Twinkle would panic if a man came within a few feet of her. Over time, she has become more trusting, and the screaming has subsided.

Twinkle is now comfortable at In His Image without her mother. She is learning beading and mosaic work, as well as basic life skills like cleaning, hygiene, and following directions. She is gaining confidence and independence. She still has not spoken. Perhaps she never will.

Twinkle’s mother worries about her. She doesn’t know how much longer her brother will allow the two of them to stay with him. She doesn’t know what will happen to a girl who cannot speak for herself and who may never marry.

Will you join us in praying for Twinkle and her mother? Will you consider giving to In His Image’s scholarship fund to help Twinkle and others like her? And will you ask God to show you a mother of a special needs child who could use your encouragement this week?

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