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Life in a developing country can look a lot different than life in the west. Even more so when comparing rural areas. Take for example the seemingly small task of going to the market. Most people merely hop in a vehicle and take a short jaunt to their nearest grocer where they can find anything from oreos to apples to chicken. Not so bad, now imagine life in a rural Asian village. That same trip isn’t so simple. Instead it is a long hard process walking along treacherous paths and taking a motorbike on ill kept roads.

Over the past few months our TCT trainers have been teaching in several remote villages. We have been receiving reports of success from the field. Here is one story:

Reaching our village is difficult. No road comes all the way into town so people normally park their motorbikes on the roadside and walk the last length of road to their homes. If ever the villagers want to take their crops to the market they must carry the bags on their backs until they reach their bikes. The teachers who come to the village daily to teach find the situation very unsettling. After a day of work they often return to their motorbikes to find that their gas tank has been emptied, they have a flat tire, or parts from their motorbikes have gone missing. Until now, members of our community have felt helpless about this issue. We are a poor village so it was hard to see how we could change the situation.

Recently our church had the most recent TCT training. God changed our minds about the road situation, and we were motivated to do something to show His love to our community.  We built a new 3 km road in just 2 days. Now everyone can drive directly into our village! There is no more fear about what will happen to our motorbikes or how we will be able to walk to our bikes with our crops.

Building the road was physically difficult for us, and we are now very tired from the labor, but we are also encouraged. The teachers in particular have been very appreciative of the new road. They have even asked to learn more about community transformation.

Please continue to pray for this village as they look for more ways that they can serve and share God’s love with other members of the community.

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From Washington state, Tessa has spent several years living and working in Asia. She likes to spend her free time reading books, baking, and exploring new places.

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