Partnering with Churches: What Does That Really Mean?

Reconciled World is a community of programs that apply biblical truth to brokenness in a wide range of circumstances. We have all committed to the principle of partnering with churches, but that doesn’t mean we all do it perfectly or identically. We are all at different places on the journey. But we are all striving for the same goal–that the church would take its rightful place at the center of God’s transformational plan.

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Jesus in the Face of the Poor

This blog was originally posted on July 30, 2014 A few months ago I was talking to an acquaintance who owns several rental properties in town. He mentioned to me that one of his homes was open and that he was fielding phone calls from those interested in renting his property. I asked him how it was going and if he had received many calls. His response was something like this: “Yes, I have had lots of calls. However many of them are from people who hardly speak English… so I really only have a few potential clients.” […]

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Pray: Fatalism

I’ve just spent a month in Africa teaching the TCT program. One of the big things we look at during trainings are the beliefs that keep people locked in poverty. There are many. The South Sudanese team shared some really powerful lies that keep them in poverty, such as, “We are a baby country, so everyone should just give to us” and “We are the land of Cush that was cursed in Isaiah 18; we are cursed.” While these lies and their impact are incredibly sad, it was fun to watch the team search scripture to find the truth to counter each of those lies and recognise it isn’t what God says about them at all. […]

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Savings Groups as Transformational Development

In When Helping Hurts, Brian Fikkert writes, “Development is not done to people or for people, but with people.” He talks a lot about savings groups as an example of good “with” type development. Our friends John and Kate Marsden at Mustard Seeds Shared established one of our favorite savings group programs in the known universe 🙂  So we asked John to share from their experiences doing development with people in Bangladesh. •••••••••• My legs were growing stiff from sitting cross legged on a mat in the shade of a mango tree. Sweat trickled down my back from the sticky heat of a South Asian summer. I was sitting in a circle with fifteen Bangladeshi village women who had been conducting their weekly savings group [...]

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Pray: Refugees

My earliest memory of being aware of refugees even existing simply involves sitting in a living room with a family I couldn’t talk to (because we didn’t speak the same language), and being served my first cup of Turkish coffee in a beautiful, tiny demitasse cup. I was about 16, and I had no idea what this family had experienced or how they had landed in a town near me. I still don’t, not specifically. But they changed my life with their hospitality, at a time when my world was very small. Over time, God has provided more and more touch points for me with refugee families. Opportunities to help set up apartments, welcome families, and walk with them for a time. Opportunities to hear [...]

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Housebuilding: TCT Asia

God is at work through the church. This video tells the story of an Act of Love from a community we work with in Asia. It's an inspiring example of how their church is being obedient to God and loving their neighbors with joy. TCT Act of Love - House building from Reconciled World on Vimeo.

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The Local Church

There is undeniable dissatisfaction with church among Christians around the world these days. People leave one local church for another or even stop gathering. The reasons could be worship music, length of sermon, leadership style, facilities…but I believe the underlying reason is that we misunderstand some fundamental things about the local church. One of the truths that God used to open my eyes and affirm His call for me is the centrality of the local church. As I understand more about this truth, I learn to love and serve His church more. Let me share a few things with you. Who owns the church? Pastors often have a habit of saying “my church” when they talk about the congregation they pastor. Most don’t mean to [...]

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God in the Slums

The church is able, anywhere and everywhere—even in the most seemingly-impossible places and circumstances!! As I listen to Rahham’s director recall stories of life in the slums, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all the hardship and suffering he shares. Stories of the devastation of alcoholism; widows of men taken by AIDS who are left behind with little children; unwanted baby girls; a man who was hit by a train the same night his wife gave birth to two stillborn babies; kids who barely have anything to eat; beggars who spend their lives on the streets. I take time to look into the eyes of each person in the pictures and try to feel the weight they are carrying, try to imagine what life [...]

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Why Did Jesus Die?

Why did Jesus die? The answer seems to be obvious: Jesus came to save us from our sins, to save our souls, because He loves us so much. This is what we are told, and this is what we tell others. Getting people saved becomes many people’s first priority as Christians. But is this the only reason why Jesus came to die? […]

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Giving Tuesday

It’s #GivingTuesday, the day when we all plead with you to send us any spare pennies that remain after the joys of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’re changing it up a bit this year, though. We aren’t asking for your pennies, but rather something that probably feels even more scarce to you—your time. But before you click off to read something else, let me at least say—we’re just looking for you to commit an hour a month for the next 12 months—that’s all. You can breathe easier now. […]

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