Prayer is an essential part of the work of Reconciled World. We depend on it. Without it we have no hope of seeing transformation happen in the lives and communities where we are involved.

We are looking for 100 people to commit 1 hour a month to pray for Reconciled World. It might not sound like a lot but we do desperately need those 100 hours of prayer and if you do decide to pray more we certainly won’t be complaining.

You can either pray alone or part of a group – we recommend forming a group with a few of your friends to meet once a month to pray. We love the accountability and support that comes from praying together. However, if it’s easier for you to pray 15 minutes a week or a few minutes each day by yourself then we are thankful for that as well.

Each month we will send out a prayer mailing—it includes two sections. The first section looks at an area that we are focusing prayer on that month—it might be a topic like gendercide or a ‘lie’ (for example, hopelessness). The second section will include our top four to five prayer needs for the month. In the download section at the bottom of the page, you can download an example of the issues section about Gendercide. In the first week of December we will be sending you the next update – this month we are looking at the persecuted church. Unfortunately as we near Christmas, persecution increases so we are looking to stand with our brothers and sisters around the world in this Christmas season.

We also have available in-depth prayer guides – we produce these for our key prayer topics. These are typically two to three pages and go much deeper into the topic. They are for those who want more background around a topic that they are looking to pray for. The in-depth prayer guide for Gendercide is also in the downloads section.

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Prayer Needs

Click on each of the program tabs to see the current prayer requests from that program’s leader.

Reconciled World

Reconciled World

  • Our theme for this year is “Be still and know that I am God.” Pray that we would all take time to be still and draw closer to God.
  • Please pray for continued wisdom as we adjust our structure to better support our growth and changing needs. Pray that we find the right people for the open positions and that each person’s role would best match their gifts and talents.
  • Please pray for our communications team as we launch our new website. Pray for us to produce content that is true to our calling and glorifying to God. Pray for it to inspire and encourage others in their own calling from God. Pray for all the details and technical work to go smoothly.
  • Please pray for God to expand our base of intercessors. Pray for wisdom for our prayer initiative team as we seek to mobilize more prayer.
  • Pray for the services team as they have to work more independently this year.
  • Pray for complete health for everyone in the organization. This is an area that can easily hinder us from God’s plans. Pray for us all to be wise in caring for our bodies and for us to be disease- and accident-free.

In His Image

In His Image

  • Praise God for Sheila, who has joined us as Assistant Director and is leading us in the absence of the Director.
  • Pray for the Director as she completes chemotherapy and moves on to radiation. Pray for health and strength, not just for her but her family.
  • Our new semester began on July 3. Pray for the students’ adjustment back to the center. Please pray for God’s presence to be felt at the In His Image Center every day, that His name will be glorified, and that the students and staff will come to know Him more and more each day.
  • Please pray for the opportunities we have to influence and bless our wider community. Pray for us to be a witness of God’s truth about people with different abilities.

Ending Gendercide

Ending Gendercide

  • Please pray for the mindset of people to change so that they will really believe that men and women are created equal.
  • Please pray for the churches in India to be an influence in bringing gender equality.
  • Please pray for safety of women and children, as we keep hearing news of rape and sexual abuse,
  • Please pray that the practice of dowry will completely stop and the law against dowry will be strictly enforced.
  • Please pray that the media will stop objectifying women and will instead promote the wellbeing of women.
  • Please pray that families will value their daughters, invest into their lives, and not kill them before they are born.


Wholistic Development Center

  • Please pray for the 27 new students who will arrive in August. WDC will be their home for the next two years. Pray for them to adjust and to come together in unity as they get to know each other and the staff.
  • Pray for the staff as we prepare for this new term. Pray for us to be unified and filled with love and joy. Pray for wisdom as we begin to invest in the lives of each student.
  • Please pray for favor with the community around the center. Pray for the community to be impacted by the love and service of the WDC. Pray for the cafe to be a successful business and to be a place where the Spirit of God is present.

The Create Commission

The Create Commission

  • As we prepare for our 10th anniversary, we are taking time to look again at our calling and strategy. Pray that, as we seek Him, we will hear clearly about what He is saying for the next season.
  • Continue to pray for the workshops for marginalised people—for meaningful and life-giving interaction with the participants. Pray that the teachers and volunteers involved will develop their skills and be sensitive to the needs of each individual irrespective of their background.
  • Please pray that the heart of the Father would be revealed in our interactions with the artist community, especially through residencies and art projects.
  • Pray for skilled staff who can take on projects and are able to carry the vision forward.
  • Please pray for the influence of the arts in our city—for a growing patronage and a wider audience.


Truth Centered Transformation

  • The structure of TCT includes many trainers in a cascading model (international, regional, national, district). Please pray for each of these trainers to grow and mature in their own understanding of the concepts presented in TCT. Pray for God to reveal new understanding through scripture and the Holy Spirit. Pray for their communication skills and sensitivity to the context as they are training.
  • Please pray for the churches to grow in their desire to love their neighbors well. Pray for the Acts of Love they do to supernaturally impact the communities they are in as a witness to the Lord.
  • Please pray for the curriculum development process. Pray that the materials produced would be faithful to God’s truths and be applicable across the many contexts and cultures they will be used in.
  • Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the leaders of TCT to know when, where and how to pursue new opportunities. Pray that God would send partners who would benefit from TCT.
  • Please pray for the TCT forums in Benin, August 8-10, and Uganda, October 25-27. Pray for the preparations—for the trainers to prepare through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the attendees—for travel of people coming and going, and for the heart of each participant to be open to hear what God is saying during the forum. Pray for testimonies which bring glory to God’s name.


The Great Exchange Microfinance (GEM)


  • Pray that the transition to new software would go smoothly as we roll it out August 8.
  • We have been including values in almost all training programs of all kinds to try and convey that values apply in all situations and circumstances. Pray that, as we keep talking about it, God would touch hearts to know Him.
  • Pray for the leadership at GEMthat we would walk the talk, fear the Lord, trust Him and abide by His Word in all circumstances without compromising Godly standards at any time.




  • Please pray for each of the new church plantsfor leadership to be raised up in each congregation, for healthy discipleship to happen, for love and unity to reign.
  • Pray for favor from neighbors and community leaders, so that the churches can meet freely. Pray for God to bless the communities where they meet.
  • Please pray for the health and safety of each of the people involved in the churches. Many are suffering severe health issues and are in vulnerable situations. Pray for God to intervene to bring health, healing, and restorationphysically, emotionally and spiritually.