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Growth is a difficult thing. It almost always involves being stretched outside your comfort zone and doing things that at first seem impossible. Have you noticed that?

Thankfully, when God asks us to grow, He brings people alongside us to fill in our gaps and complement our abilities. It’s that Body of Christ, iron-sharpening-iron thing. That’s why we are so excited about the people that God has recently called to join Reconciled World’s US team–Doug Glynn and Heather Hicks. We asked them to share a bit about their journeys so that you can celebrate them with us!

DG Bio Pic (1)Doug Glynn-Director of Church Engagement

I first heard of Reconciled World over two years ago, when a coworker would tell me stories of the incredible things God was doing through this group of folks who were launching an organization which would become “Reconciled World.” As someone who has served in the church world as a pastor for almost 20 years, I was particularly drawn to the stories I was hearing connected to the TCT program. “Really?” I would ask, “Entire villages are coming out of poverty as a direct result of the local church learning to love and serve their community?” The more stories I heard, the greater my intrigue grew.

In July 2015, I had the opportunity to join the Reconciled World team to help steward relationships with churches in the North America. My role is to connect with churches, telling the stories of what God is up to through the ministries of Reconciled World, and prayerfully finding the right partners to join in the adventure God has set before us.

2015 HH at Nobleys croppedHeather Hicks – TCT Curriculum & US Partners Development

I love biblical ideas!! I was first introduced and drawn to the ideas that shaped the core principles of Reconciled World in 2000. I wanted to learn more so I served as a part of Harvest Foundation, DNA and Food for the Hungry teams to spread these ideas from 2003-2015. When Reconciled World was birthed two years ago, I was quite amazed that the seven core principles completely aligned to the convictions, values and priorities that I had developed for my life and ministry over three decades – yes I’m that old! Reconciled World feels like a favorite sweatshirt – familiar, cozy and it fits just right.

But even more than ideas, I am super-charged by biblical ideas being put into action effectively. RW is really good at that and has various ways to apply biblical truth to the brokenness in our world. Ideas and concepts are fun to ponder but the real test of their value is found in the fruit of living them out in local contexts.

We are praying that now US and western churches can glean from what God has been doing globally and see effective transformation in our communities as well.  As a trained teacher, adult education specialist, facilitator and trainer, I am also excited about the God inspired, well developed training in the Truth Centered Transformation program that starts with a foundation of God and His truth but emphasizes applying what is learned – having visible faith, faith in action; keeping it simple and doable; equipping all believers to have visible faith that reflects the King.


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