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Reconciled World’s TCT program continues to grow and expand around the world. In Africa especially we’ve been building relationships with new partners in a growing number of countries including DR Congo, Uganda, South Sudan and several in West Africa. We are excited to have two great new staff on board to help. Ouattara Koumbondohou and Judith Murungi both joined Reconciled World this year as TCT Regional Coordinators. Here’s a quick intro about each of them:

OuattaraOuattara Koumbondohou serves as our West Africa and Francophone Africa Coordinator. He’s been a great help as we’ve been expanding to many French-speaking countries. Ouattara lives in Cote D’Ivoire with his wife and four children. He is a pastor, but has also served in various roles within the Rock Church of Ivory Coast, Francophone Africa IFES, MMD (More than a Mile Deep), and the Capetown gathering 2010 for the Lausanne movement. He has consulted for several other organizations as well, including Chalmers Centre and MAP International, and serves as the contact person for Disciple Nations Alliance in Cote D’Ivoire. In July, Ouattara coordinated our West Africa TCT Forum to introduce TCT to many different organizations and denominations. Please pray as he’ll be busy following up with all these over the next few months!

Judith MurungiJudith Murungi joined Reconciled World in April as our East Africa TCT Coordinator. Judith has a lot of experience already with the TCT program after launching the first African version of the program in Uganda under Transforming Nations Alliance (TNA). Judith started out her career as an environmentalist but began volunteering with TNA as a way to follow her passion of serving others. She played an instrumental role in building up TNA as an organization over 10 years, eventually becoming Executive Director and launching the TCT program in Uganda. She now shares her knowledge of TCT with other interested partners, including in Mozambique and South Africa. Judith loves traveling, learning, meeting new people, listening to music, participating in choirs and community activities and swimming.

We’re excited to have these great new staff on board. Please pray for them both as they work to serve and equip our new TCT partners across Africa.

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