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We talked in our previous blog about Isaiah 59:16 and the concept of intervening on behalf of the poor. I would like to share 2 examples of people I have seen intervene for the vulnerable and needy here in my city.

Loving kids in need

I have witnessed Joel’s family have incredible impact on a few of the needy kids in our neighborhood. By providing a safe and caring place to hang out and play Joel has reached into the lives of several at risk kids and blessed them by showing them the love of Jesus.

Just a few months ago Joel invited our family over for dinner and we grilled out in the driveway. Within 10 minutes three kids showed up and starting hanging out.

“We always cook for more,” he said. “I realize that for some of them this is probably their only meal today.”

Five minutes later the mentally challenged man who walks around the neighborhood to stay busy showed up and was sitting down to tacos and chips with our group. By now, the size of our original group had doubled!

Joel has been intentional in creating relationships with the hope of showing a glimpse of God’s love. Whether it be through taking kids to Wednesday night church, to the pool on a sunny afternoon, or by simply being present and available to listen, Joel has ministered to these children in a real and authentic way. He has taught and showed my family the power of intervening for the sake of the vulnerable.

Being an encouragement

This past week we had a good friend of ours stop by our house for the night while coming to town to visit some inmates at the local state penitentiary. Terry is an incredible example of sacrificial service to those in need.

Three times a year Terry makes the nearly five and a half hour trip to our city in order to see two inmates he has a friendship with. Both of the inmates have 50-year sentences and may never see beyond the walls of the prison but Terry shows them the meaning of friendship by being present to listen and encourage them in their circumstances.

In our conversations with Terry about his experiences he mentioned this, “I want to show them that they have value. That I love them and appreciate them as friends.”

God’s love has no boundaries and Terry is proving that through faithful service and love. Though Terry sends them encouraging letters from afar he has committed to being present in their lives to encourage, value and give them worth as people and gifted human beings.

The vulnerable often need a friend to share and walk with them through the pitfalls of life. Who might God be encouraging you to get to know? May each of us respond to the challenge: to understand, pray and be present in the life of others in order to share and intervene as God has called.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”
Proverbs 31:8-9

Image courtesy of Frettie / Wikimedia Commons
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